Hackathon for all the female coders out there.

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Let's Code Together

What is she hacks?

SheHacks is a hackathon exclusively for women to give them an opportunity to showcase their amazing skills.This is an opportunity to Win and to show that women can Analyse,Create and Deploy solutions of real life problem statements.

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is Success”. We invite your team to take part in this Hackathon and giving you an exhilarating chance to showcase your versatility in finding an approach to solve Real life problem statements.

Event Schedule

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    20th September, 2020 to 17th October, 2020

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Rules and regulations

Click the below button to check the various problem statements in various domains and select one problem statement from any domain


There are 3 rounds in She Hacks


Along with Registrations


October 5, 2020


October 17, 2020

Got a Question?


What if I don't know how to code?​

That is not a problem! A great way to learn how to code is by taking part in such events. It’s an event for like-minded people to share what they are interested in and teach each-other what they are passionate about, whether its coding, electronics or anything else you want to know about. You never know what new skill you might pick up! Plus we have planned numerous workshops and talks for you guys to make the learning process better.

Is this event women-only?

Yes! We invite all women and non-binary individuals to attend SheHacks. As we’re focused on creating a talent pipeline from minorities in tech, this event is specifically created as a place for women+ to explore the tech industry in a supportive way.

What is SHEHACKS and Why is it for you?

If you wish to show your skill of analyzing, creating and deploying solutions of real life problem statements, SheHacks is a perfect platform for you!

Why participate in SHEHACKS?

You will get an exhilarating chance to showcase your versatility in finding approach to solve real life problem statements. Winners (Top 3 teams) will get the prices worth 500 US Dollars and top 5 selected teams will get the gift cards worth 180 US Dollars.

How much does it costs?

SheHacks is absolutely free to attend! You can participate for free via. the link above.

Can I work on existing projects?

Nope, you can’t.The projects have to be developed within the given timeframe from scratch.

My question wasn't answered here

Please email us at [email protected] with all your questions!


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